Best Electric Toaster : Top 10 2-slice and 4-slice toasters 2022

Looking for the Best Electric Toaster? Check out our selection of the best value electric toaster on the market and understand which option is best for you!

Looking for an Best value electric toaster to improve your breakfast preparation? We help you in this choice! We list the best models as well as all the quality and functionality that toasters need to offer. 

After all, there’s nothing better than a good toast, freshly prepared, to give the day a new flavor, right? The smell of warm bread during the toasting process is wonderful. 

So, to ensure a crunchy bread, know that there are amazing models of electric toasters on the market. And today’s toaster models vary between design, features and values. 

1. Smart Electric Toaster – Tramontane   Best Toaster For Thick Slices
2. Expressionist Electric Toaster – Electrolux   Best Electric Stainless Steel Toaster
3. Artisan KJC42AV Electric Toaster – KitchenAid   Best Retro Electric Toaster
4. Gourmet Electric Toaster – Oster   Best Toaster with Fast Roasting
5. Electric Chrome Toaster – Oster   Best Compact Electric Toaster
6. Easyline Electric Toaster – Electrolux   Best Cost Benefit Electric Toaster
7. Electric Toaster – Bialetti   Best Toaster with Removable Stand
8. Electric Toaster T850V-BR – BLACK+DECKER   Best Value Selling Electric Toaster
9. Electric Toast Pane Toaster – Britânia   Best Cheap Electric Toaster
10. Electric Toaster – Hamilton Beach   Best Basic Electric Toaster
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How to Choose the Best Electric Toaster

Before choosing your toaster, you need to consider information such as roasting levels, functions and capacity. You must observe all the specifications to choose the model that is most compatible with your routine and your family size.

Best Toasters for 2 or 4 slices? Choice According to Family Size


The first thing you should check is how many slices can be roasted at once. There are toasters for 2 or 4 slices. The two-slice models are ideal for those who live alone or with few people, being more compact and not taking up much space. 

The  4-slice toasters can be practical if your family is large or if you live with more than 4 people! They are bigger and, most of the time, more expensive. However, they are rarer, with few models on the market.

Check if the Toaster Holds Wider Bread

Most sliced loaves can be heated in models with a slot of approximately 3 cm , the size of a sliced ​​loaf. So, if you want a toaster to toast just this type of bread, this is your best choice. 

But if you like variety, it’s best to choose a toaster with wider slits, over 3 cm. This way, you can safely bake French bread, baguettes and others. Furthermore, in larger cracks the loaves do not run the risk of getting stuck , preventing them from burning or even causing accidents.

Choose Toasters with 6 or More Toast Levels


Most toasters have 5 to 9 levels of browning. Models with more levels, starting at 6, allow for a greater variety of toasting and crispness. So, if you are very careful with the texture of your toast or live with a lot of people, it is important to pay attention to this detail. 

In addition, the most common is that toasters have a rotary knob to adjust the roasting level. However, there are some more modern ones, with a digital adjustment panel. And certain products, for 4 slices, also allow you to program two different preparation settings at the same time.

Extra Functions Expand Preparation Options, Check It Out!

Every toaster has one main function: toasting. However, most toasters have extra features like defrosting and reheating. Therefore, before choosing your ideal toaster, see the advantages of these functions and analyze if they are necessary in your routine.

Thawing: Guarantees Flavor and Crunchiness to Frozen Breads

Preparing frozen bread using the toasting function can impair the flavor and texture of the food. Thus, some toasters have a defrost function, which has the advantage of leaving the toast crunchy, soft and tasty , even if the bread is frozen. 

This feature defrosts the bread first, before toasting it. And if you didn’t know, freezing bread is a great option for those who live alone and want to make sure their bread doesn’t go bad quickly. It is also beneficial for those who live with a lot of people and need to keep a larger supply of food. 

Reheat: Bread Looking Like Just Out of the Oven

You just woke up and your wish is a warm bread, looking like it came out of the oven. With the reheat function this is possible. With it you can heat bread, bagels and even croissants in the toaster, as there are models with a kind of grill on top that works as a heater.

This function is great for reheating pre-prepared foods conveniently and quickly. Plus, you won’t need to throw away that bread that has cooled and hardened , as it can be reheated to make it soft and flavorful again.

Bagel: for Toasting Only One Side of Bread

The bagel bread has donut shape and its main feature is crisp outside and soft inside. Generally, when consuming this type of bread, it is common to break it in half, put a filling (butter, jam, etc.) and then close it, like a sandwich. 

As it is not normally possible to prepare this type of bread in the toaster, some products have a bagel function. When using it, the toaster heats only one side of the bread slits . And you can use this function for any kind of slice!

Also keep an eye on other functions such as Check, Quick Toast and Timer

Most toasters have reheat and defrost functions. However, there are models that offer other features that make everyday life even easier . Below, you can check out these main features of the products:

  • Alarm: alerts you when bread is ready with an audible alarm. 
  • Cancel: interrupts product operation and ejects the bread;
  • Check function: allows you to check the level of toasting bread without having to restart the cycle. 
  • Multigrain: offers a special toasting for wholegrain and multigrain breads;
  • Quick Toasting: allows to heat the bread in just 30 seconds;
  • Timer: offers a digital display with time countdown, so you can keep track of how much time is left before your toast is ready.

See how many options are there to make your routine easier? However, products with more features tend to be more expensive. So it ‘s important to check out the options and assess the features that are really worth your while.

Easier Cleaning with the Crumb Tray

Today, many toasters have a crumb tray at the bottom. This helps to remove dirt from the product more conveniently and quickly. For those who use the toaster on a daily basis, the ideal is to clean this compartment at least once a week.

In addition to making the toaster easier to clean, the tray also helps to keep your kitchen countertop clean. In models without the tray, crumbs can pass through the bottom of the toaster , dirtying the surface where it is supported.

Don’t Forget to Check Toaster Voltage

Another important point when choosing a toaster is to check the voltage of the product. Normally, the models can be sold in 110 or 220 volt versions, being necessary that you compare this voltage with the outlet you have in the kitchen. 

If you buy a product with a voltage of 110V and plug it into a 220V outlet, it will burn out. If it is the other way around, the product will not turn on. So, pay attention to this detail to avoid damaging the equipment, and even accidents.

Top 10 Best Electric Toasters of 2022

Now that you know how to define the best budget electric toaster for your needs, check out our selection of the best models available on the market! 

1. Smart Electric Toaster – Tramontane

This toaster is worth every penny if you’re looking for a model that produces evenly roasted slices. 

Just add your slice and select one of your five available point levels and it will automatically lower without the aid of a lever. 

Furthermore, with the “watch” function, the toaster automatically moves your slices up and down without interrupting the toasting cycle. 

Another highlight of the model is the two extra wide compartments, capable of holding slices of the most varied types of bread. 

The toaster also has a LED indicator that shows how much time is left to finish the toasting, and an alarm with a customizable volume that will signal when everything is ready! 

Its other differential is the bagel function that concentrates the heat in the center of the slice. 

Power: 840W Toasting Levels: 5
Crumb Tray: Yes Functions: Toast, cancel, longer, bagel, thaw, observe

2. Expressionist Electric Toaster – Electrolux

If good looks cover your kitchen, the Expressionist toaster range will have the power to add! 

With its modern brushed stainless steel finish, this compact option will take up little space on your countertop, but it will have the power to be the extra charm your kitchen needed. 

It has seven levels of toasting available so you can choose from a light toast to a darker, crispier toast. 

In addition, one of its biggest differentials is its wide opening, which covers the most varied types of bread slices, and a digital display that shows the remaining time of the cycle and the mode chosen for toasting. 

The model also comes with a convenient top support that you can use to position whole loaves above the toaster inlet to heat them, taking advantage of the heat from the slices toast. 

Power: 900W Toasting Levels: 7
Crumb Tray: Yes Functions: Roasting, defrosting, heating, canceling and checking

3. Artisan KJC42AV Electric Toaster – KitchenAid (Best Retro Electric Toaster)

The KitchenAid Artisan Toaster is a simple option that has a sturdy body and a design inspired by the shapes of traditional period toasters. 

Its operation is basic and intuitive, easy to manipulate, but offering several options to choose different levels of toasting. 

It also has a cancellation option, allowing you to pause as soon as you reach the desired point, regardless of the mode chosen. 

The toaster also allows you to check the level of toast without interrupting your cycle. 

In addition, it comes with a bagel function that promotes browning on only one side of the slice, and a “keep warm” function to keep your slice at the correct temperature until consumption. 

Power: 127v 1200W / 220v 1000W Toasting Levels: 7
Crumb Tray: Yes Functions: Toast, see, keep warm, thaw, bagel, cancel

4. Electric Gourmet Toaster – Oster (Best Fast Toast Toaster)

If you are looking for agility for your breakfast, this could be the ideal choice! 

That’s because the Oster Gourmet electric toaster has a quick browning, capable of promoting a light browning in just 30 seconds. 

Another highlight of the model is its seven levels of choice for roasting, which guarantee greater customization when choosing the ideal point for your slice. 

The model also has a bagel function that toasts only one side of the bread, and other features such as heating, defrosting and cancelling.  

Power: 127v 840W / 220v 680W Toasting Levels: 7
Crumb Tray: Yes Functions: Toast, defrost, warm up, bagel, cancel

5. Chrome Electric Toaster – Oster (Best Compact Toaster)

For those who have little space available on the bench, but want a functional and charming appliance, the Oster Chrome Toaster can be the answer for your situation! 

Despite being a compact product with a better cost-benefit ratio, this toaster has complete functions, such as toasting, roasting, keeping warm, defrosting and quick toasting, which will allow you to obtain lightly toasted slices for the busiest days. 

Another highlight of the product is its seven levels of toasting, offering complete options to choose the best level according to your preferences! 

Power: 800W Toasting Levels: 7
Crumb Tray: Yes Functions: Roasting, roasting, defrosting, quick roasting, bagle, cancel

6. Easyline Electric Toaster – Electrolux (Best price for electric toasters)

The Electrolux Easyline toaster is a great recommendation for anyone looking for the best cost-effective toaster to buy, as in addition to its modern design and quality of finish, it performs well in its basic functions. 

In addition, it is easy to use and its openings are wide, suitable for receiving a good variety of bread cuts. 

It offers seven levels of efficient browning and functions such as defrosting and reheating. 

Another highlight of the model is its superior support for heating whole loaves, taking advantage of the toasting heat of the slices. 

Power: 127v 800W / 220v 730W Toasting Levels: 7
Crumb Tray: Yes Functions: Toast, thaw, cancel, reheat

7. Electric Toaster – Bialetti (Best Toaster with Removal Support)

The traditional Italian brand with excellence in coffee can now be part of your daily life through this beautiful electric toaster with a vintage look. 

Its biggest advantage is the removable supports, which are a practical and safe way to insert and remove your slices more safely. 

The model is easy to use and has simple yet essential functions such as a defrost and cancel function, as well as six browning levels. 

Its users highlight its simplicity of use and roasting efficiency. 

Power: 800W Toasting Levels: 6
Crumb Tray: Yes Functions: Toast, thaw, cancel

8. T850V-BR Electric Toaster – BLACK+DECKER (best toasters 2 slice)

If you’re looking for a popularly approved electric toaster, this model from Black + Decker already has over two hundred user reviews!

Despite being a lower cost option, it has a charming and modern finish to complete your countertop, featuring seven levels of toasting and defrosting, canceling and heating functions. 

Its use is simple and intuitive, and its toasting quality is powerful, but it doesn’t compare to the homogeneity of top-of-the-line appliances.

However, it is still a satisfactory toaster as it is a cost-effective appliance. 

Power: 850W Toasting Levels: 7
Crumb Tray: Yes Functions: Toast, thaw, cancel, heat

9. Tosta pane Electric Toaster – Britânia (Best 2 slice electric toasters)

Britannia Tosta Pane is the perfect choice for both beginners and those looking for a lower cost option. 

That’s because, despite being an economical option, this toaster has easy use and quality of performance in the thinnest slices of bread, such as sliced ​​bread. 

It has seven levels of toasting plus extra features like defrosting and reheating. 

Precisely because it is an economical option, it has limited applicability, and can only be used for slices of bread; however, according to its users, its toasting performance is satisfactory for its purpose. 

It needs care in handling, as its finish is more fragile when compared to the other options presented. 

Power: 800W Toasting Levels: 7
Crumb Tray: Yes Functions: Toast, thaw, cancel, reheat

10. Electric Toaster – Hamilton Beach (Best Basic Electric Toaster)

For those looking for a more economical version with a good finish, this Hamilton Beach toaster can be a good option! 

Its operation is basic and easy to use, with a temperature level selector with seven options available and a cancel button. 

It accommodates slightly thicker slices than Britannia Tosta Pane, making it possible to accommodate even a slice of French bread. 

In addition, it also has a crumb collecting tray, which will make cleaning easier. 

Power: 750W Toasting Levels: 7
Crumb Tray: Yes Functions: Toast, cancel

Types of Electric Toasters

There are several varieties of toasters that meet the most diverse needs. Check out some of them below to find out which one will best fit into your routine!

  • With Digital Display:  Some toasters come with a  digital display that allows you to view the chosen mode and the remaining time for your toast to be ready. 
  • With Top Stand:  The detachable stand is a super versatile accessory that serves to be positioned on top of the toaster. With it, you’ll be able to use the heat of your toaster to heat your French bread or croissant, for example. 
  • Plastic or Metal:  Choosing between a metal or plastic toaster will have no bearing on its performance. However, this decision can influence the durability of the device. 

How to Clean the Electric Toaster

Keeping your toaster clean will not only help its durability but also its performance, as old crumbs can leave a lot of burns when you turn it on. For this and other reasons, find out below how to best maintain your electric toaster.

  • Unplug your toaster:  Cleaning does not start until your toaster is unplugged and completely cooled down. Inserting any wet object during its operation can cause shocks and accidents.
  • Remove the crumb tray:  If your crumb tray is fully removable, start by removing excess crumb from its surface and finish by washing it in the kitchen sink as usual. 
  • Shake to remove trapped crumbs:  After removing the crumb tray, place your toaster upside down and shake it over the sink to remove excess trapped crumbs. Using a brush or dry toothbrush can help with this process. 
  • Apply a degreasing solution inside and out with a damp cloth:  Carefully use a cloth or brush lightly dampened with the degreasing solution of your choice to clean the inside of the appliance. Finish with a cloth dampened with water to clean both the inner and outer sides. When cleaning the interior, care must be taken not to get wet and damage its heating components. 
  • Wait for your toaster to dry completely:  Your toaster should only be turned on again after it is completely dry. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Electric Toasters

What is the Best Electric Toaster for French Bread?

To find a toaster that accommodates the thickness of more voluminous bread slices such as French bread, it is necessary to pay attention to the dimensions of the model compartment.

Prefer models that have the “bagel” function, as it will be useful for days when you want to get a crispy crust and keep the interior soft, for example. 

How to use the Electric Toaster?

Using an electric toaster is simpler than it sounds. Just add a single slice to each compartment, select the mode or temperature you want and lower the lever for the appliance to start the toasting process.

Read Must:

Reaching the ideal point is something that will come with time, however, there are some models that have an option to visualize the point without interrupting the cycle.

During the learning process, pay attention to the smell and appearance to reach the desired point. 

What is the Best Electric Toaster for Multigrain Wholegrain Bread?

All toasters will have an equivalent performance when toasting multi-grain or whole-grain bread. It’s just important to pay attention to the measurements of the model’s compartment if the slices are thicker.  

What Kinds of Bread can be used in the Electric Toaster?

All types of bread can be used in the toaster as long as they do not have any filling or side dish. These should only be added after using the toaster.

It is also important to pay attention to whether the measurements of the compartments of the chosen model will accommodate the thickness of the slice in question. 

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