Top 10 Best Orange Juicer Squeezers of 2022

Looking for the Best Orange Juicer? Check out our shopping guide with Best Orange Juicer Squeezers and find out which is best for you!

Being present at most breakfasts, orange juice is even better when it is prepared fresh! 

For this reason, it is important to know how to choose the best orange juicer to buy, after all, there are several options available in the current market. 

If you are also wondering which would be the best juicer, don’t worry, our guide also has product recommendations, as most orange juicers also contain, for example, lemon and grapefruit, among other citrus fruits. 

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Check out our selection of the best juicer models, as well as tips on how to carry out good market research! 

How to Choose the Best Orange Squeezer 

To acquire the best powerful orange juicer, for example, it is crucial to pay attention to certain aspects of the product. Get a better understanding of its features below! 

  • Activation by Press or On/Off Button 

For your orange juicer to work, there are two activation options: by pressure and by button. The only big difference between them is practicality. 

Activation by pressure is found in simpler and more traditional juicers, where the user needs to press the fruit on the device, which will start to rotate, extracting its juice. The cone, in this case, only works when it is pressed, not automatically rotating as with a button actuation. 

The button is the most convenient option. You will still need to press the fruit in its extractor cone for the juice to be extracted, however, with much less force, as it will automatically rotate, optimizing the process time. With that, it’s enough to just touch the fruit to the cone and it will do all the work. 

  • Prefer More Powerful Models For Faster 

It is important to pay attention to the potency of your orange or fruit juicer, as this will directly interfere with the speed of the process and the quality of extraction. 

– Less than 100 watts:  the weakest in the category. They carry out the service, however, more slowly, and it is not always possible to extract the juice from the orange to its pulp, that is, this device may not take full advantage of the fruit. 

– Between 100 and 300 watts:  a juicer in this category performs its function more efficiently, being able to use up to 100% of the fruit. Being a compromise between a weak power and a super intense one, they are indicated for users or families with a reasonable demand for juice. 

– More than 500 watts:  industrial fruit juicers, for example, have around 600 watts of power. For residential use, there is no need to purchase a model within this category, however, for businesses or users with a high demand for juice, it is ideal. 

  • Pay attention to the Material and Capacity of the Collecting Jar 

The size and, consequently, capacity of the juice collection jug are factors that will depend exclusively on the user’s needs.  

For those who intend to serve a lot of juice at breakfast, or have a family with many members, a jug with more than 1 liter can be a smart choice.  

It is important to emphasize that some models of orange juicers do not even have a jar, as there is a guiding spout that serves the juice directly into the glass. 

As for the material, it is linked both to the durability and cleanliness of the product. Materials such as stainless steel and aluminum are the best in this regard, as well as being decorative items. 

Materials such as plastic can stain and retain odor. Since we are dealing with fruits like oranges, the material may take on its color. 

  • Models With Different Extractor Cone Sizes Are More Versatile 

The extractor cone is responsible for squeezing the pulp from the fruit in question, extracting all its juice. 

If you are looking for versatility, such as preparing lemon, orange and other citrus fruit juices that come in different sizes, opt for an orange press model with more than one type of extractor cone. 

That way, you can get the most out of anything from a small lemon to a large orange! 

The 10 Best Orange Juicer Squeezers of 2022 

It’s time to choose the best orange juicer for your snack bar, home or industry! Check out our selection of today’s best models. 

1. Orange Squeezer – Cuisinart (Best orange juicer)

Made of stainless steel, this orange juicer also holds lemons and grapefruit, for example, due to its cone-shaped extractor, which adapts to the size of any citrus fruit. 

Its activation by pressure works through the pressure applied by the user, but, to give a little help, the model has the Centrifugal function, which multiplies the juicer speed by five! 

Furthermore, the direction of the juicer can be either clockwise or counterclockwise, thanks to its Auto Reverse system, extracting the juice from the fruit to its pulp. 

Bringing even more practicality, the model has a retractable spout to be able to serve the juice directly into the glass, and its parts are all removable, and can even go to the dishwasher. 

If you are looking for the best home orange juicer, this model may be the answer, as it presents the ideal functions to prepare your natural juice as easily as possible! 

Capacity: does not have (straight to the cup) Power: 70 watts
Activation: By pressure Accessories: 1 (Protective Cover)

2. Express Orange Squeezer – Tramontina (best design and durability of orange juicer)

Like the previous model, the Tramontina Express juicer also works by pressure, but in a different way. 

This option has a lever that depends on less human strength, and the user doesn’t need to touch the fruit directly to squeeze it. This way, the process becomes much less laborious! 

Made of cast and matte aluminum, this juicer for oranges and citrus in general, like lemons, blends into your kitchen decor, as its design is simple, but very charming! 

In addition to the decorative issue, aluminum is still a material that provides durability to the product. 

Capacity: does not have (straight to the cup) Power: 110 watts
Activation: By pressure Accessories: 2 (Squeezing Handle, Bagasse Sieve)

3. Turbo Pro Orange Squeezer – Britannia (affordable powerful domestic orange juicer)

For those looking for the best powerful orange juicer, this home option could be your answer!  

This model can be considered even the best cost-effective fruit juicer, as it offers great functionality at a very affordable price. 

Although the product has most of its components in plastic, those who bought it affirm that the juicer is of excellent quality, and that its structure and accessories are not fragile. In addition, they also recommend the purchase because the product is easy to clean. 

The juicer also comes with a jug to collect the juice as soon as the fruit is pressed. 

Bringing it even more ease, the model has automatic activation by button, optimizing the time of the process of extracting the orange juice. 

Capacity: 1.3 liters Power: 260 watts
Activation: On/Off button Accessories: 1 (Jar)

4. E-10 Turbo Orange Squeezer – Mondial (Best budget Orange Squeezer)

If you are looking for versatility when preparing your juices, this orange press will be your new ally. Having two extracting cones, its structure fits with fruits of the most varied sizes, such as lemons and oranges.  

The kit comes with a jar with a strainer to ensure that no fruit seeds fall into your juice; oh, and its capacity is 1 liter! With this, it is possible to make a good amount of juice in each batch. 

The model still promises to be quieter than others in the category, even having a great power of 250 watts! And this feature can be proven by its users, as a good part claims that the juicer is, in fact, very silent. 

Still on the general evaluation of their buyers, most report great satisfaction with the purchase, proving that the product is of excellent quality, power and durability. 

Its automatic actuation by button makes its extractor cone rotate automatically, not being necessary to release a lot of force to squeeze the fruit. In other words, this model is synonymous with practicality! 

Capacity: 1 liter Power: 250 watts
Activation: On/Off button Accessories: 2 (Sifter Jar, extra extractor cone)

5. Turbo Citrus Premium Orange Squeezer E-02 – Mondale (best cheap orange juicer)

Even though it is one of the cheapest models available on the market, this juicer leaves nothing to be desired, being our recommendation for the best cheap fruit juicer! 

In addition to having a 2-in-1 cone, both for oranges and lemons, the device also comes with an extra cone of reduced size, ideal for even smaller fruits. Its rotation is in two directions, which helps to extract the juice from the fruit to the pulp. 

It is activated by pressure, however, the user can use its protective cover to press the fruit, making it easier to handle. 

With more than just orange, you will have no doubts about which is the best juicer to buy because, adding practicality, functionality and good price, we have this model! 

Capacity: 1.25 liters Power: 30 watts
Activation: By pressure Accessories: 2 (Protective Cover, Extra Extractor Cone)

6. Stainless Steel Orange Squeezer – Black Decker (Top electric orange squeezer)

Made of stainless steel, this orange juicer won’t look bad when it needs to be displayed on your kitchen countertop! 

Having a more compact design, the model works by pressure and delivers the juice directly into the glass, thanks to its directing nozzle. In order to avoid mess, the device has a drip-cutting system, having a lock to not drip. 

For those who still don’t know what the best juicer to buy, this can be a great option! 

Facilitating its handling, the model comes with a juicer handle, which does not require the user to release force to extract the juice from the fruit. However, there are caveats from its users about the difficulty of cleaning this handle, as it is not removable. 

Still, the product received high praise for its excellent functionality, power and practicality. 

Capacity: does not have (straight to the cup) Power: 100 watts
Activation: By pressure Accessories: 2 (Extra Extractor Cone, Squeezing Handle)

7. Chrome Orange Squeezer – Oster (best cost-effective orange juice squeezers)

The Chrome orange juicer, from the Oster brand, is a more compact model with less power. Consequently, the capacity of your jar is also reduced by 500ml. 

However, it is ideal for couples or small families with less demand for juice for breakfast. Furthermore, the model has a good value compared to what it offers, being our selection of the best cost-effective orange juicer. 

Besides, being compact, it won’t take up usable space in your kitchen, being even a decoration item, as its finish is in brushed stainless steel! 

For those who prefer to make individual portions of juice and deem the jug to be unnecessary, the model also comes with a dosing spout, serving your fruit juice directly into the glass. 

The product’s general reviews are positive, where its users praise the juicer’s functionality, being simple but efficient. 

Capacity: 500ml Power: 75 watts
Activation: By pressure Accessories: 2 (Protective Cover, Dosing Tip)

8. Fresh Mix Orange Squeezer – Hamilton Beach (best single-use orange juice squeezers)

With one of the lowest potencies on our list, the Freshmix orange juicer is ideal for individual preparations or even couples with low juice demand. 

From the Hamilton Beach brand, this model has an accessory that is new so far, a lid for the juice collector, which comes with a mixer. If the user is not going to serve the juice as soon as it is extracted, just keep the jar in the fridge and then use the mixer so that the juice becomes homogeneous again! 

Despite the jug, you can just place the glass at the outlet of the nozzle to serve the fresh juice! 

The product is praised by its users because the juicer is compact and easy to store, in addition to performing its function as promised; however, there are some complaints about the device emitting more noise than others in its category. 

Capacity: 700ml from the jar Power: 30 watts
Activation: By pressure Accessories: 4 (Protective Lid, Jar Mixer, Jar, Extra Extractor Cone)

9. PA32 Orange Squeezer – Arno (best simple orange juicer)

If you are looking for a simple but efficient fruit juicer, the answer is the PA32 model from the Arno brand! 

Despite having less than 100 watts of power, its juice jug has more than 1 liter of juice, making it ideal for serving the whole family. In addition, the parts of the model are detachable, making cleaning easier. 

It is activated by pressure, like most models presented, and has a protective lid and sieve, preventing seeds or pieces of pulp from falling into the jar. 

The brand also claims that the extractor cone can adapt to the shape of various fruits, from the most varied shapes of lemons to large oranges! 

This model is not the most compact for storage, however, whoever bought it claims that it is a product of excellent quality, practicality and efficiency, as well as being easy to clean. 

Capacity: 1.25 liters Power: 70 watts
Activation: By pressure Accessories: 2 (Protective Cover, Sieve)

10. Professional Industrial Orange Squeezer – IND Shop (best commercial orange juicer machine)

For those looking for the best commercial or industrial orange juicer, this model promises not to let you down! 

With the highest potency on the list, this juicer extracts the most from oranges, lemons or any other citrus fruit. Its activation by a button is even easier, as the extractor cone rotates automatically, requiring little human pressure to extract the juice. 

The model has no capacity because, thanks to its directing spout, the juice falls straight into the jug or glass. Your kit also comes with an extractor cone of another size, strainer for the jug and protective lid. 

Despite being a commercial model, as for snack bars, many of its users purchased the product for their home, in order to improve the dynamics when preparing orange juice. 

Most of its users highly recommend the purchase, claiming it does not crash, is very efficient and is easy to clean. 

Capacity: does not have (straight to the jar) Power: 500 watts
Activation: On/Off button Accessories: 4 (Extra Extractor Cone, Jug, Jug Strainer, Protective Lid)

Types of Orange Squeezers 

But after all, what is the difference between the types of orange squeezers? Better understand the advantages of each one below: 

  • Electric:  this juicer has automatic activation of its extractor cone, that is, the pressure inserted in the device to extract the fruit is lower, making the work easier. The difference between this model and a manual one is that the extractor cone rotates automatically, making its handling more efficient. 
  • Manual:  the manual model has pressure actuation, where its extractor cone starts to turn, only, when it is pressed. It is a type of juicer that requires more human strength to get the most out of the fruit, however, it is also the cheapest. 
  • Industrial:  industrial juicers are activated by an on and off button, where its extractor cone always rotates automatically, being faster and more powerful than an Electrical model. This type of juicer is also the most expensive as it offers more power. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Orange Juice Squeezers

How does the orange juicer work?

The orange juicer, or citrus fruits in general, has an extractor cone that is responsible for extracting the juice from the fruit. 

When pressed or turned on, depending on the model, it will rotate, removing the pulp, seeds and, of course, the juice from the fruit.  

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Just sift it to remove the semesters and larger pieces of pulp. For this, many jugs that come with juicers already have a sieve, or you can manually sieve your juice directly into the glass. 

With that, your juice will be ready! 

How to use the orange juicer?

Just cut your citrus in half and press it against the extractor cone. With each press, it will rotate, extracting the juice from the fruit. When not in use (pressed), if the model is driven, the cone does not work. 

In traditional electric juicers, its use is very similar, with the only difference that the rotating cone is in continuous operation. In short, both require human pressure to extract the juice, however, an electric model is more powerful and its extraction cone rotates automatically, facilitating the process. 

How to Clean the orange juicer?

The cleanliness of your orange juicer may vary by model.  

Normally, models that are manual or have the jar attached to the structure of the appliance are easier to clean, as it is enough to remove the jar, the sieve and the extractor cone to carry out the cleaning of each part.  

The base of the juicer cannot be washed, as there is a socket inlet, however, it is difficult to get this part dirty. If this occurs, clean it with a damp cloth or, if necessary, with a little detergent. 

In electrical or industrial models where, normally, most parts are not removable, it is necessary to clean with a damp cloth, or even with a little detergent, and clean carefully, avoiding electrical parts. 

However, most models allow you to remove the extractor cone, for example. Every removable component can be washed normally. 

What is the Best Industrial Orange Juicer Squeezers?

As a recommendation in the guide itself, we recommend the Professional Industrial electric orange juicer, from the IND Shop brand.