Best SmartWatch for 10 year old

Nowadays, a smartwatch for children is no longer just used to tell the time. They now include features such as a fitness tracker that encourages your child to exercise, GPS tracking so you always know where your child is, and sometimes even a call function that makes it easy to call your child.

With more than 50 different models, it can be difficult to choose a smartwatch for your child, so we researched this product to provide you with free advice.


We took a close look at every smartwatch for kids and ordered it if there wasn’t enough information available online. In addition, we never accept free products from suppliers, which keeps our reviews independent.

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Review of the Best Smartwatches for 10 year old Kids:

1.one2track Connect Touch

One2track Connect Touch - GPS Smartwatch child with phone - Black - GPS with call function - GPS watch Child

If you are looking for a good children’s smartwatch with GPS, then the one2track Connect Touch is the product you are looking for.

In addition to being able to track your child, it contains a touchscreen that makes it easy to control. Up to 10 telephone numbers can be set in the watch, which can be called via the smartwatch at the push of a button. You do not need a smartphone to call with the smartwatch, as this works via a prepaid SIM card. The data usage costs only a few cents per day, and calling from the watch costs about 20 cents per minute.

A nice addition is the SOS button. This is located on the side of the children’s watch and when it is pressed you will immediately see the live location of your child via the one2track app .

If you want your child to become more sporty, you are also in the right place, as it includes a pedometer that keeps track of your child’s daily sports activity. In addition, which is ideal if your child is still often at school, it is possible to set a quiet time. As a result, the watch will not make any noises when your child is in class.

Our verdict

This children’s watch gets a solid five stars from us (unfortunately we can’t give more). It includes an accurate GPS positioning, pedometer to encourage your child to exercise more and many more great features.

2. Kiss GPS watch child

Kuus GPS-watch-child-smartwatch-for-children-with-GPS-tracker-Walkie-Talkie

This children’s smartwatch from Kuus ensures that you can rest assured if your child goes out on the street and you lose him or her out of sight. You can follow live via the GPS where your child is walking, by means of a prepaid SIM card that is in the watch. According to statistics, 250 children are kidnapped every year, which could be a good reason for you to buy a smartwatch for your child.

In addition, your son or daughter does not need a smartphone, since the SIM card you insert takes care of everything. This will have to be upgraded every now and then, since seeing the GPS location costs about a euro per month in data, and calling around 10 euro cents per minute.

A nice addition is that you can set a safety area with this watch. When your child is outside, you will automatically receive a notification on your smartphone. This allows you to immediately visit your child and remove it from a dangerous situation if necessary. In addition, you will also immediately receive a notification when your child takes off the watch.

What we found very cool was the positive stories we read about Kuus’ customer service. Almost all problems are solved quickly when you send an e-mail.

Our verdict

Kuus is not a well-known brand, but they do make good products and receive positive reviews. This kids smartwatch with built-in GPS is a good choice if you like to keep an eye on your child’s location. You can also use this to call your child, and vice versa.

3. Kinder Smartwatch 

Kinder Smartwatch - Zwart - GPS - kinderen - smartwatches - gps tracker

This children’s watch from Mayma contains GPS tracking so that you can monitor the live location of your child from your own mobile phone.

In addition to being able to track where your child is, it is also possible to call them or send them a voice message. A SIM card that supports 2G can be placed in the watch, which can be easily topped up via KPN, for example.

What we liked about this watch compared to the others was that you can also view the history of locations on a map via your smartphone (allow for a deviation of ~10m).

In case of an emergency, your child can use the SOS button on the side of the watch and you will be notified via the app with his or her live location.

Our verdict

According to many, it is a bit difficult in the beginning to connect the children’s watch to a smartwatch, but once it works, it is a nice product. You can see where your child is, but also where he or she walked that day.

4. DePlay 4G KidsWatch

This smartwatch contains many functionalities for your child. For example, it is possible to follow your child via the DePlay app via the built-in GPS.

In addition, it also contains various measurement values , such as a thermometer, but also one for your child’s heart rate or blood pressure. All this data can be viewed via the smartwatch or via the app.

What is a great benefit is the built-in SOS button in this watch. When your child presses this, you will receive a notification and the location of your child (accuracy about 35 meters) will be forwarded via the app so that you can come to the rescue.

If your child likes to swim, it’s no problem at all, because the water resistance of the DePlay 4G KidsWatch is very good. You can easily swim underwater for half an hour without leakage.

Finally, it is even possible to make video calls with your child with this smartwatch. You can call it and you and your child can talk and see each other at the same time through the built-in HD camera.

Our verdict

You can purchase this smartwatch for your child for the right price, after which your child will have a nice clock on his or her wrist, and you can easily follow your child live via the smartphone app.

What to look for when choosing a smartwatch for your child

As with children’s tablets , there are not many differences between a normal smartwatch and one for children. In our view, one of the most important criteria for a children’s smartwatch is that it contains a GPS, so that you can easily track your child. For that reason, we only examined smartwatches that contain this functionality. In addition to including a GPS, there are other things to keep in mind when making your choice.

Built-in sensors

The GPS is one of the built-in sensors of a children’s smartwatch, but often they contain several more. We will discuss a number of notable sensors below.


Is your goal with this watch to make your child move more? Then choose a smartwatch that contains a pedometer. This allows you to keep track of your child’s activity and address him or her if he or she needs to move more. (Tip: If you want your child to take sports seriously, try an advanced sports watch.

Sleep monitor

A sleep monitor is useful if you want to make sure that your child gets enough sleep, because a good night’s sleep has many benefits . You can also take care of this through an app such as Sleepzy , only since a children’s smartwatch contains even more sensors, this is an easier choice.

Water resistance

If you choose a waterproof watch for your child, he or she will never have to take it off again while walking in the rain, showering or even swimming. This is purely a convenience, but it also prevents your child from forgetting to put on the watch when he leaves for school in the morning. This allows you to keep a close eye on the GPS at all times.

Smartphone notifications

If your child is active on his or her smartphone, it is nice if the children’s smartwatch shows notifications from the phone on the watch face. This means that your child will immediately receive a notification if you try to contact us by means of a message.

In addition, with some models it is even possible to record and call via the watch. Now your child will probably not be on the phone much at a young age, but it is still useful if you call him or her that it can be answered easily.


By means of the GPS, some children’s smartwatches also contain the possibility to set navigation. This allows your child to easily find their way home, school or even cycle to swimming lessons on their own.

Operating system

Most smartwatches for kids are compatible with both iOS and Android. If this is not the case, this is almost always stated on the sales page. We have also clearly stated this in our research results.

Watch band size

Most watch straps can be adjusted to fit your child’s wrist perfectly, but this is not always possible. The image below shows what you need to measure to find the right size.

Advanced Safety Features

If you are very protective of your child, you can opt for a smartwatch where safety comes first. These kinds of watches often contain an SOS button with which you immediately receive a notification via an app, or an adjustable zone in which your child must stay.

Battery life

Finally, it is useful to look at the battery life, especially if you are an energy-efficient freak. Most children’s smartwatches are not used very intensively, so they last several days. Pay close attention to this when making your choice, because there are also models that have a bad battery life.

Frequently asked questions about a smartwatch for children

See below a number of questions we often receive in the field of smart watches for children.

Which brand should I choose?

Each brand has its own pros and cons. When it comes to a children’s smartwatch, we are very pleased with the Kuus and Mayma brands.

How does the GPS function work?

The most common reason for purchasing a smartwatch for your child is to check where he or she is. By means of the built-in GPS you can see exactly where your child is at that moment via the mobile app, which is different per watch brand.

What is an adjustable zone?

Many watches have the option to set a zone where your child is not allowed to go out. If this has been set and your child moves outside this area, you will immediately receive a notification on your mobile phone including his or her location.

Is a children’s watch waterproof?

This differs per smartwatch. One can’t stand a single drop of water, while your child can play in the rain with the other without risk of water damage.

How long do the batteries last?

This varies greatly by model, but also based on how it is used. If your child often calls via the smartwatch, it will of course last less than if it is only used to keep track of the time and the GPS location.

How do you rate the best smartwatch for kids?

In order to determine the best tested smartwatch for children, we assess several factors for each product. For example, we look at customer reviews, functionality, price and other specific features. We weigh these factors together in order to determine the best purchase.

Summary of the study

During this research, 9 products were examined, 4 of which were tested as good smartwatches for children, with the one2track Connect Touch being the best buy . Below is a clear table showing the results.

Product Rating Characteristics
1 one2track Connect Touch full starfull starfull starfull starfull star Exact live GPS location, motion tracking and emergency SOS button.
2 Kuus GPS horloge kind full starfull starfull starfull starfull star Live location tracking, built-in prepaid SIM card and adjustable security area.
3 Mayma Kids Smartwatch full starfull starfull starfull starempty star Location history, voice messages and accurate GPS location.
4 DePlay 4G KidsWatch full starfull starfull starfull starempty star GPS location tracking via app, sOS button and built-in pedometer.