The 10 Best Drinking Fountains of 2022

Looking for the Best Gallon Drinking Fountain? Then check out our shopping guide with the Best Drinking Fountains on the Market and find out which is best for you!

We all know that water is our most precious possession. Without it, life is not possible. And the benefits of staying well hydrated are already pretty clear to science. Drinking two to three liters of water a day helps prevent various diseases and maintains strong health.

And one of the sources that can contribute a lot to that, are the drinking fountains. A good drinking fountain can be a great partner for those who need to increase the frequency of water consumption in their routine. 

So, to help you decide which is the  best drinking fountain on the market, here begins a very complete and comprehensive content.

Not only your thirst for research, but also your real thirst will be quenched with great quality after so much information, important tips and of course the best models.  

1. Compact Table Drinking Bowl – IBBL Best Drinking Bowl With Compressor SEE PRICE
2. Evidence table drink – new update Best water ice dispenser fridge in UK SEE PRICE
3. Premium Table Drinking Bowl Drinking bowl with space for a jar fountain SEE PRICE
4. PBE05BQF Table Drinking Bowl Table drinking fountain with hot water dispenser SEE PRICE
5. Fresh Aqua Table Drinker Best Electronic Drinking Drink SEE PRICE
6. Be11B Table Drinking Bowl Top Selling Table Drinking Bowl SEE PRICE
7. Acqua Table Drinking Fountain Best Cheap Drinking Drink SEE PRICE
8. GFN2000 Column Drinking Bowl Best column drinking fountains SEE PRICE
9. Max Column Drinking Bowl – New Up Best column drinking fountains SEE PRICE
10. Gelagua Column Drinking Fountain Best Franke drinking fountain bottle filler SEE PRICE

How to choose the Best Drinking Water Fountain  

At the time of purchase, it is not enough to know which is the best water dispenser available on the market. It is also necessary to think about your preferences and your consumption style. And for that, we brought some essential touches: 

  • Compressor Cooling or Electronic Board?  

Also called Gela Mais (compressor) and Gela Fácil (electronic board), both technologies are very reliable. The question of choice is really about consumer preferences. But let’s explain the differences. 

Compressor operation is similar to the refrigeration system of a refrigerator or an air conditioner. They are compressed gases that cool the water, without harming the environment or health. The cooling capacity is greater through compressors, and therefore, the volume of chilled water per cycle is greater than that of electronic boards. Compressor drinking fountains are suitable for large families or places with high circulation. The bad point is that they consume more energy. 

Cooling by the electronic board takes place through heat exchange, controlled by thermal chips. By heating the outside, the inside, where the water is, cools. But even though this process consumes much less energy, the cooling capacity is lower, and therefore, this technology is suitable for small families, couples or for individual use, where the demand for chilled water has a relatively smaller volume. 

  • Water Activation by Button or Faucet?  

This is another decision related to customer preference. The water outlet system does not necessarily have a relevant impact on the quality or consumption format. But there are some minor differences. 

Faucet actuation is where water uses gravity to exit, controlled by the exhaust valve, or faucet. Push-button actuation, while also using gravity on gallon-oriented models, can have flow control and temperature combination functions. Another issue is that, most of the time, the buttons have a more modern look than the faucets. 

  • Pay Attention to the Capacity of the Chilled Water Reservoir  

There are different sizes of drinking fountains, and the dimensions are fully related to the capacity of the chilled water reservoir. The compartment where the chilled water is stored, ready for consumption, must be compatible with your demand. 

If demand is greater than capacity, the water won’t run out, but don’t expect to drink that cold glass. Therefore, look for models that meet your demand for cold water, whether individual, family or business.  

  • Models That Support 10 to 20 Liter Bottles Are More Versatile  

Also in relation to consumption demand versus reservoir capacity, it is worth bringing an interesting tip: models that support 10 to 20 liter bottles. Drinking fountains adapted to support more than one bottle size bring a very useful versatility, as alone, they can meet various consumption demands. 

The 10 Best Drinking Fountains of 2022  

Now come on. If you’re still not well hydrated today, take a few more sips of water from your old-fashioned drinking fountain, get comfortable in your chair, it’s time to get to know the best drinking fountain models on the market.  

1. Compact Table Drinker – IBBL (Best Drinker With Compressor)

To start our list, the model that is considered the best table water cooler on the market by users, who even rated it with five stars and lots of praise. The brand is also worthy of five stars, IBBL, with over 35 years of experience in the water refrigeration and purification segment and a strong commitment to health and the environment. 

But back to the model, the Compact is very complete. Its Easy Clean structure, easy to disassemble, helps in maintenance and sanitation. Its “ecocompressor” uses R134A type gas, which does not pollute nature. And it doesn’t stop there, the drinking fountain also has an easy-to-clean external coil, ample flow for quick filling of glasses and bottles, and two simple-to-use taps for cold, natural water. 

Not only complete, the IBBL Compact drinker is also versatile, as it is adapted to support 10 and 20 liter gallons. It goes without saying that the model still has a cabinet with UV protection, non-slip feet and nanotechnology against the proliferation of bacteria. All this in a modern, compact and practical design. 

Refrigeration: Compressor Refrigerating capacity: 1.32L/hour
Chilled Water Reservoir: 2L Gallon Capacity: 10 or 20L

2. Evidence Table Drinker – New Up (Best Chilled Water Drinker)

The second model on the list already impresses in its design, a point that is highly rated by users, among others, as its practicality and compact structure. This is the Evidence drinking fountain, by New Up, a Brazilian brand that, since 2008, has been gaining market share in the purifiers and drinking fountains segment.  

And the model is not only beautiful, it is also efficient, its cooling capacity is 2.4 liters per hour, with 7 temperature levels between 5 and 15 degrees. Adapted for 10 and 20 liter gallons, Evidence is produced in non-toxic polypropylene for easy cleaning and disassembly. Its faucets (cold and natural) have an independent water outlet and are also made of non-toxic polypropylene.  

In the fight to be the best plastic drinking fountain available on the market, the New Up model also has a removable tray and side handles for easy transport. As it is also very complete and a little cheaper than the previous one, it is worth the attention.  

Refrigeration: Compressor Refrigerating capacity: 2.4L/hour
Chilled Water Reservoir: 1.2L Gallon Capacity: 10 or 20L

3. Premium Table Drinking Fountain – Colormaq (Drinking Fountain With Space For Jar)

The third model on our list is Colormaq, a company with over 40 years in the white line home appliance market. And the brand recognition was translated into a quality device, practical, and highly rated by users. 

Premium, in addition to a modern and innovative look, has 7 temperature levels, chilled water storage capacity of more than two liters, and rapid cooling. With buttons for activating natural and cold water, the model holds up to 20 liters of water and has a capacity for jugs of up to 2 liters. 

Back to the ratings made by users, raves about water cooling speed, capacity, modern design and practicality, both to use and to clean. The only complaint found was in relation to the size, considered large in the opinion of one user. Still, the same gave the five stars. 

Refrigeration: Compressor Refrigerating capacity: Uninformed
Chilled Water Reservoir: 2.3L Gallon Capacity: Up to 20L

4. Table Drinker PBE05BQF – Philco (Table Drinker With Hot Water Option)

This tabletop drinking fountain, brought by Philco – which needs no introduction – draws attention due to a very special purpose: the hot water option. Yes, there are three taps, natural temperature, cold and hot. And the good impression doesn’t stop there, the modern and innovative design also fills the consumer’s eyes. 

For those who are keen on hot water, this may be the best electronic drinking fountain on the market, but there are more reasons for that, after all, it also has a bottle adapter system with a valve, which helps in the placement and fitting process, with a capacity of 10 or 20L. The chilled water temperature varies between 6 and 12ºC, which can be influenced by the external environment, while the hot water temperature varies between 80 and 85ºC, with a safety lock to prevent accidents. 

In user reviews, no surprise, design and hot water are the champions of praise. And the second one, which still seems to be surprising in terms of temperature, some customers were expecting warm water, but it seems that 85ºC is really reached. This is a really “hot” model.  

Refrigeration: electronics Refrigerating capacity: 0.16L/hour
Chilled Water Reservoir: Uninformed Gallon Capacity: 10 or 20L

5. Fresh Aqua Table Drinker – Cadence (Best Electronic Drinker)

Cadence, a recognized Brazilian brand in the field of electronics and household items, member of the JCS Brasil group, brings another electronic drinking fountain option to our list. Its cooling process is carried out by peltier plates, which, through heat exchange, ensure low water temperature, with low energy expenditure. 

The Fresh Aqua electronic tabletop drinker has a removable drip tray for easy cleaning, a gallon perforator to prevent spillage, LED operating indicator, two outlets (cold or natural) and a storage capacity of 750ml of chilled water. All this in non-toxic and BPA-free material. 

In the user’s comments, you can see that the product delivers what it promises, but the water temperature seems to leave a little to be desired, as well as the light and apparently fragile structure that worries users when placing the gallon, although it doesn’t have there have been no reports of problems regarding this. 

Refrigeration: electronics Refrigerating capacity: Uninformed
Chilled Water Reservoir: 0.75L Gallon Capacity: Up to 20L

6. Be11B Table Drinker – Electrolux (Best Selling Table Drinker)

Another brand that needs no introduction is Electrolux, and its representative drinking fountain model on this list has some interesting differences, such as two modes of water flow, continuous and controlled, and a “combined command”, where, in addition to the cold and natural options, the pressing both buttons at the same time offers a third option: cold. 

For these and others, the Be11B is the best-selling tabletop drinking fountain. But of course we’ll explain the “others”. The device has an easy-to-disassemble structure for cleaning, a removable tray, a gallon perforator and an electronic board cooling system, which ensures better energy efficiency. 

In the evaluations left by users, the majority is formed by praise, mainly in relation to the water flow, practicality, silent operation and beauty. But some important points were raised, and we could not ignore this information. It seems that the low capacity of the reservoir and the level of water temperature made some consumers regret their purchase. 

Refrigeration: electronics Refrigerating capacity: 0.2L/hour
Chilled Water Reservoir: 0.8L Gallon Capacity: Up to 20L

7. Acqua Table Drinker – Britânia (Best Cheap Table Drinker)

To complete the team of appliance giants on our list, Britânia presents the Mesa Acqua, a tabletop drinking fountain that couldn’t avoid the jargon “good, beautiful and cheap”. That’s because it has style, delivers quality and is relatively affordable for the consumer. 

Functions are simple and basic. The model has an electronic cooling system, capacity for 10 or 20 liters gallons, two faucets, bottle punch to aid in fitting without spilling, drain for water removal and removable tray for easy cleaning.  

In the ratings left by users, an incredible effect. In the same way that some complain about little (or almost nothing) cold water, others completely disagree. But what everyone agrees is that the model strives to be the best cost-effective drinking fountain on the market. 

Refrigeration: electronics Refrigerating capacity: Uninformed
Chilled Water Reservoir: Uninformed Gallon Capacity: 10 or 20L

8. Column Drinker GFN2000 – IBBL (Best Column Drinker)

Before you ask yourself where the column drinker models are, here’s one, and let’s know that we’re now going to the bottom of the list with them. If you were looking for a table-oriented model, your best option was certainly above. Column drinking fountains are indicated for greater consumer demand, such as in companies, schools, shared spaces or large families.  

The brand, IBBL, brings its main features to the model, such as: Easy Clean structure, which facilitates disassembly and cleaning, eco-compressor with non-polluting R134A gas, easy-to-clean external coil, Up & Down taps – cold and natural – with large flow rate, as well as a cabinet with UV protection and non-slip feet. It is worth remembering that even though it is a column model, it is also powered via a gallon, not via a hydraulic network. 

In the comments, the only complaint is the power cord, which appears to be a bit short. For the rest, only compliments, ranging from the good and adjustable water temperature, to the silent operation. For those looking for a drinking fountain that meets a greater demand for cold water, it is worth considering this name from IBBL. 

Refrigeration: Compressor Refrigerating capacity: 1.28L/hour
Chilled Water Reservoir: 2L Gallon Capacity: 10 or 20L

9. Max Column Drinker – New Up (Best Cost Benefit Column Drinker)

New Up presents the next column drinker model on our list, which is a simpler model than the previous one, but also cheaper, and with a clear advantage: the high cooling capacity per hour, almost double the previous one .  

This entire speed passes through pipes and faucets made of non-toxic material, which guarantee the consumer’s well-being and health. And the water temperature varies between 5 to 15 degrees, in 7 levels. The Max column drinker has a capacity for 10 and 20 liters, steel cabinet, in addition to a compressor with ecological gas cooler and an internal volume of 1.2 liters. 

In the few evaluations, the highlight is the operation with “quality and efficiency”, but with a caveat to the size, which is smaller than what appears in the photo, according to an evaluation by a user. Nothing to change the positive bias. 

Refrigeration: Compressor Refrigerating capacity: 2.4L/hour
Chilled Water Reservoir: 1.2L Gallon Capacity: 10 or 20L

10. Gelágua Column Drinking Fountain – Esmaltec (Best Cheap Column Drinking Fountain)

It seems that the team of giants in the appliance market on our list was not over yet, as the latest model is presented by Esmaltec, a company with more than 50 years of tradition in the field. And the fact that it’s the last doesn’t make this model any less important, after all, it has the highest cooling capacity on the list, 3.5 liters per hour. 

In addition to the high cooling capacity, the device has a front thermostat with gradual temperature control (between 5 and 15 degrees), an Easy Open system, which automatically opens the seal on the gallon, removable water clipper and side handles that facilitate transport . 

The drinking fountain is also highly praised by users, mainly for its water temperature, cooling speed and silent operation. One comment even says that the water temperature is already pleasing without even being in the least. Let’s say it’s a worthy model to close a list like this one. Worth the attention. 

Refrigeration: Compressor Refrigerating capacity: 3.5L/hour
Chilled Water Reservoir: 1.8L Gallon Capacity: 10 or 20L

Types of Drinking Fountains  

There are two classic drinker presentations, tabletop and column, as well as two classic cooling technologies, by compression or electronic. Now, let’s briefly explain about each of them: 

  • Table:  As the name already suggests, table drinkers are intended to be installed on flat surfaces, tables or countertops. Because they are compact and due to the smaller capacity of the chilled water reservoir, they are suitable for small families, couples or for individual use. 
  • Column: Column  drinking fountains are larger and therefore have a larger chilled water reservoir. Due to their size, they are not the most seen in homes, but preferred by companies, schools and public spaces – places where it is necessary to meet a greater demand for water. Larger families or shared spaces may also end up opting for column drinking fountains. 
  • Compressor Refrigeration:  Similar to the operation of a refrigerator, compressor refrigeration takes place through compressed gases – not harmful to health – which act to reduce the water temperature. The volume of water cooled per hour is much higher than in electronically cooled drinking fountains. 
  • Electronic Cooling: Electronic  cooling is carried out through a plate of thermal chips that change temperature with water. As they heat the outside, they cool the inside reservoir. The energy consumption of drinking fountains via electronic board is significantly lower than the versions per compressor, but as mentioned, the volume cooled per hour is much lower. 

Maintenance and Care of Your Drinking Fountain  

To ensure the proper functioning of your drinking fountain, as well as the quality of your water, we bring you this short essential care tutorial: 

  1. When positioning, the back of the device must be at least five centimeters away from the wall. The installation must also be done in a place without sunlight. Avoid Benjamins. Such measures reduce the risk of overheating in your drinking fountain. 
  2. When changing gallons, thoroughly sanitize the water cooler container, especially the part that is in contact with the gallon. Cleaning can – and should – be carried out only with water and mild soap. In appliances without a gallon, the cleaning must be done in the nozzle, once a week, with the same materials. 
  3. If you don’t need chilled water, turn off the device to save energy. Shutdown must be done first with the switch and then by removing the cord from the socket. If the drinker is a gallon drinker and has not been working for a long time, it is recommended to change the gallon. In case of shutdown for any other reason, wait 3-5 minutes to turn it back on. 
  4. If there is any kind of problem with the power supply, do not use your drinking fountain and unplug it, as the risk of electric shock is very high due to the possibility of contact with water. 
  5. In case of problems in the functioning of the drinking fountain, do not try to open the appliance or stick sharp objects inside it. Only consider qualified professional maintenance or vendor warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions About Drinking Fountains

How does the Water Drinker work?  

Connected to the establishment’s hydraulic point or through a gallon, the water fountains provide their consumers with cold water through one of two technologies: compressor and electronic board. 

Compressor cooling is like operating a refrigerator, which uses compressed gases to cool the environment. The electronic board is different, as it exchanges heat between the external and internal environment.  

In both cases, after cooling, the cold water is stored in a reservoir, ready to refresh the consumer. The activation is done through a valve (tap) or a button. 

Drinking Fountain or Water Purifier: Which is Better?

These are different functions, and column drinking fountains connected to the hydraulic network do both. In addition to cooling the water, they also carry out the purification process through an internal filter, as they are fed by the establishment’s water network. 

Since most tabletop drinking fountains are filled with gallons of treated water, they do not need a filter and therefore do not purify. The purifier, on the other hand, has only the internal filter, not a cooling system. The purifier takes tap water and turns it into potable. 

Read Must:

In other words, this question is one of those that enter the hall of “it depends”. A drinking fountain and a purifier have different functions, the best is the one that best suits the consumer’s needs. And since both functions are very relevant, it’s good to remember that you can have both. A drinking fountain connected to “street water” (no gallon) is usually equipped with an internal filter. 

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