Top 10 Best Babysitters of 2022

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Having all the time in the world to babysit is a luxury not every family has, but the luxury of using technology to ensure our babies’ safety is becoming increasingly affordable. 

Pregnancy has several stages, all of which are very important, but if you’re at the stage of figuring out which babysitter is best, you’re probably out of time!

And choosing the most suitable device for your rhythm and routine can be a lot of work. So, before baby monitor becomes part of your team, we’ll join the team and help you with that decision.

1. Comfort85 Electronic Babysitter – Motorola Best Babysitter With Lullabies SEE PRICE
2. MBP855 Electronic Babysitter – Motorola Best Electronic Babysitter With Temperature Control SEE PRICE
3. Babysitting – Philips Avent Simple Operation and Longer Battery Life SEE PRICE
4. Electronic Babysitter MBP36S – Motorola Best Selling Babysitter SEE PRICE
5. Ease34 Electronic Babysitter – Motorola Simple and Functional Model SEE PRICE
6. Mibo IC4 Camera – Intelbras Full Features at Low Cost SEE PRICE
7. Smart Home Camera – Positive Image Quality and Cellular Monitoring SEE PRICE
8. Electronic Babysitter MBP481 – Motorola Top Rated Electronic Babysitter SEE PRICE
9. MBP482 Electronic kBabysitter – Motorola Best Babysitters Cost-Effective SEE PRICE
10. Electronic Nanny SLBCAM20 – SereneLife Best Cheap Electronic Babysitter SEE PRICE

How to Choose the Best Electronic Babysitter 

Before you understand what is the best baby monitor for your baby, you need to consider some important points: 

  • Camera Quality and Screen Resolution 

The great advantage of having an electronic babysitter is precisely being able to monitor your baby’s activities without the need to be with him. And the camera built into the device has everything to do with it. 

The safety of daddies is directly proportional to the quality of the babysitter’s transmission. So, when choosing models, do as we all do when buying a cell phone: focus on the camera! Both in its quality and screen resolution. It’s nice to remember that the babysitter camera and screen will be your eyes when you’re not in the baby’s room! 

  • Reach Distance 

Another very important point is the device’s range distance. It’s no use having the best baby monitor with a camera if you can’t keep up with your baby from all over the house.

Just imagine, losing the connection just for going to the kitchen or laundry and not receiving important alerts. The ideal, even, is to have margin, considering the garage, backyard and all the environments that your house holds. 

So take the dimensions of your home into account and compare it to the reachability of the baby monitor you are considering buying. Another important tip here is to think about the dimensions of the houses you frequent with your baby. The routine of these “modern” babies is not always limited to a single house.

The homes of grandparents, uncles, partners and family members also need to be considered, if they are part of the baby’s daily life. 

  • Bidirectional microphone 

Bidirectional microphones installed in baby monitors are capable of both receiving and reproducing audios. It’s as if the baby monitor works like a walkie-talkie. Using this function, parents can actually interact with their babies to calm them down through the baby monitor. 

Think your “video conferences” for the day are over… Wait until you have to sing a lullaby when your baby is about to cry or wake up! It sounds like a joke, but sometimes it can prevent your baby from waking up and avoid further distractions so you don’t lose sleep. Yours or his? Depending on the case, both! 

  • Know the Possible Extra Functions: 

To define which is the best electronic nanny in terms of cost-effectiveness, it is necessary to know a little more about the benefits. Below are the main extra functions that some models have: 

– Motion Sensor: 
This functionality is essential to reassure dads, as it is a device installed in the device that issues an alert in case of detection of movement.  

– Night Vision Camera: 
Since most baby monitors are used at night, the night vision function can be very useful as it allows the user to see and track your baby, even with the lights off. 

– Lullabies and Relaxing Sounds: 
Some models even play the role of singing and have relaxing sounds and lullabies. The intent of this feature is to help rock and steady your baby’s sleep. Models usually come with 5 songs already installed. 

– Monitoring by Other Devices: 
Some baby monitors, when equipped with Wi-Fi, offer the possibility of monitoring by cell phone or tablet, in addition to the traditional screens. It’s nice for those who are out and about and just want to miss it. 

– Temperature and Humidity Sensor: 
Along the same lines as motion sensors, temperature and humidity sensors not only report data, but also alert parents as soon as they detect any relevant changes. 

– Video Recording Options: 
Some cameras do not only have the function of filming and showing in real time. Whether for security reasons or to capture a cute moment, certain models give the option to record videos in high quality. 

Top 10 Babysitters of 2022

Ready. We already have enough information to find out which is the best baby monitor to buy in Brazil – or abroad. Then it’s time to meet the candidates. 

1. Comfort85 Electronic Babysitter – Motorola (Best Electronic Babysitter With Lullabies)

You can start by saying that this one has everything! Or almost everything. In competition for the best baby monitor with Motorola camera, Confort85 Connect fills the list of features with: night vision (infrared), wi-fi, connection to the Hubble app, bilateral microphone, panoramic remote control, humidity and temperature sensor, range 300 meters and more. 

In user reviews, the most specific praise goes to the monitor, which has a 5-inch screen, digital tilt and zoom control, as well as high resolution, including the night camera. 

The few criticisms are about the monitor’s sound and the device’s noise pickup. Some users complained about the low sound, although not by the app, and others, about the poor uptake of choro. But we know that the baby has certainly reached the decibels needed to deserve the alert! For the price, it’s worth the weight. 

Camera Resolution: HD 1080 x 720p Scope: 300 meters
Bidirectional microphone: Yea Extra Features: Night Vision (Infrared), 5 Lullabies and Relaxing Sounds, Humidity and Temperature Sensor, Wi-Fi, Hubble App Connection, Panoramic Camera Control

2. Motorola Comfort75 Video Baby Monitor – (Best Electronic Babysitter With Temperature Control)

It is a model very similar to the previous one, also from Motorola, with some updates less because it was produced before.  

The Comfort75 baby monitor is another one that strives to be the best baby monitor for mobile, as it also offers a connection to the Hubble app, where babies can be monitored from anywhere by the user.  

The rechargeable camera can be moved digitally via the panoramic control and high resolution viewing is via a 5-inch monitor. The other functions are also very similar to the previous model. The difference is the lack of technical support and the bad news is that it seems that the bass sound problems started from this model. Again, it is worth balancing price, features and complaints. 

Camera Resolution: HD 1080 x 720p Scope: 300 meters
Bidirectional microphone: Yea Extra Features: Night Vision (Infrared), 5 Lullabies and Relaxing Sounds, Humidity and Temperature Sensor, Wi-Fi, Hubble App Connection, Panoramic Camera Control

3. Electronic Babysitter – Philips Avnet (Simple Operation and Longer Battery Life)

This Philips model is a little simpler, it’s true. The screen is smaller (2.7”), there is no wi-fi connection, nor a temperature gauge. But the Avent surprises in battery life and in praise of the other features presented. 

The battery, which lasts 10 hours in night monitoring (Eco mode), comes with the product and comes with a charger. Bilateral communication, which allows communication between the user and the baby, was also praised for its simple, clear and smooth operation. The microphone features simple sensitivity adjustment and the camera comes with screws and plugs for wall mounting if necessary. The instruction manual is also included. 

Although it doesn’t present itself as the cheapest among the options, the simplicity and functionality of Avent must be taken into account. 

Camera Resolution: High resolution Scope: 300 meters
Bidirectional microphone: Yea Extra Features: Night Vision, 5 Lullabies and Relaxing Sounds

4. MBP36S Electronic Babysitter – Motorola (Best Selling Electronic Babysitter)

Perhaps Motorola’s best baby monitor in terms of sound quality, the MBP36S is also the best seller. And not only for that, the features of the model range from night vision, 2.4 Ghz FHSS technology (radio transmission method that gives more clarity to the sound), temperature sensor, to a 3.5-inch color LCD display, which controls digital zoom and 360° rotate camera. The MBP36S, even, is in the fight to be the best baby monitor for twins, as it holds up to 4 cameras, sold separately. 

The sound quality is, without a doubt, the most commented characteristic in the positive reviews made by users. But to be fair, the battery life is pretty much criticized too, sometimes along with the praise, even. Relieving the battery issue, the MBP36S seems to deliver what it promises! 

Camera Resolution: 480p Scope: 200 meters
Bidirectional microphone: Yea Extra Features: Night Vision (Infrared), 5 Lullabies and Relaxing Sounds, Temperature Sensor

5. Ease34 Electronic Babysitter – Motorola (Simple and Functional Model)

Also from Motorola, the market leader in the segment, this model presents itself as one of the simplest and most functional. The Ease34 also features FHSS technology, ambient temperature sensor, night vision, two-way communication, digital zoom, lullabies and soothing nature sounds. All this on a large 4.3-inch screen.   

Who evaluated, made a point of commenting on the ease of installation and operation. And the old criticisms about the sound volume on other Motorola models don’t seem to apply to this one, but about the low battery life, yes! For the most affordable price and quantity of features, it’s a model to keep an eye on. 

Camera Resolution: Uninformed Scope: 300 meters
Bidirectional microphone: Yea Extra Features: Night Vision (Infrared), Temperature Sensor, 5 Lullabies and Sounds of Nature

6. Mibo IC4 Camera – Intelbras (Full Features at Low Cost)

Intelbras arrives to bring what could be the best baby monitor with wi-fi, if it were, in fact, an baby monitor. Are you too confused? Calm down, let’s explain!  

The Mibo IC4 is actually a security camera, not a baby monitor, but it has an app of the same name that turns it into a very functional baby monitor, complete and most importantly: cheap. 

With the Mibo app downloaded, installation and configuration are very simple and the user has a series of features, such as 360° vision, microSD storage (sold separately), video recording, voice interaction, movement tracking and much more. The package comes with mounting bracket, screws kit and installation manual. For the price, it’s worth considering the option. This camera is also suitable for home or corporate security.  

Camera Resolution: HD 720p (1280 x 720) Scope: Unlimited
Bidirectional microphone: Yea Extra Features: Night Vision (Infrared), Motion Sensor, Video Recorder, Wi-Fi

7. Smart Home Camera – Positive (Image Quality and Cellular Monitoring)

If you are looking for the best baby monitor with video, you should start considering smart camera options. This, as well as the previous one, is one of them. All you need to set it up is a wi-fi connection, and your cell phone. 

The Intelligent House, by Positivo, is similar to the previous camera, including the price. Through the app and the wi-fi connection, installation and configuration are quick and easy, and control is carried out remotely. With night vision and motion sensor, baby monitoring doesn’t owe you much for a common baby monitor. And the price is quite different! 

The Smart Home also has a 12-month warranty and technical support when needed. And just like the other camera, this model can be used for general security and surveillance. In other words, the best baby monitor with a motion sensor doesn’t have to be, exactly, a baby monitor.  

Camera Resolution: 1080 Full HD Scope: Unlimited
Bidirectional microphone: Yea Extra Features: Night Vision (Infrared), Motion Sensor, Wi-Fi, 8x Digital Zoom, Video Recorder

8. MBP481 Electronic Babysitter – Motorola (Best Rated Electronic Babysitter)

Going back to baby monitors and back to Motorola, the current model is one of the most highly rated by users. Maybe for the price, which is much more affordable compared to others of the same brand, but the truth is that the praise goes on all lines: sound quality, video quality, good reach and connection, ease of installation. It seems that, in this case, not even the batteries were criticized! 

The MBP481 is a simpler model, without so many extra features. Highlights are for wi-fi connection, night vision and digital zoom (via 2” monitor). For those who want the complete package, it’s good to know that it has no motion sensor, temperature, humidity, bilateral communication and lullabies. But for the smaller investment value, it couldn’t be different. It’s worth evaluating, keeping an eye on your pocket, of course. 

Camera Resolution: 320x240p Scope: 300 meters
Bidirectional microphone: No Extra Features: Night Vision (Infrared), Wi-Fi

9. MBP482 Electronic Babysitter – Motorola (Best Cost Benefit Electronic Babysitter)

If you’re looking for the best value for money babysitters, this is a great candidate! It’s also not the most expensive and offers some extra features. 

You can see, by the number, that this is a model after the Motorola presented earlier. They are very similar, but the MBP482 has some differences, like: alarm clock for baby’s schedule, temperature control and a slightly larger screen. But bilateral communication was not one of the updates compared to the previous model, as well as wi-fi was not maintained for this model.  

Functionality and ease are high points in the positive ratings given by users, but some have had reservations about the monitor’s range, which appears to have issues with some walls. 

Camera Resolution: 320x240p Scope: 300 meters
Bidirectional microphone: No Extra Features: Night Vision (Infrared), Temperature Sensor

10. Electronic Babysitter SLBCAM20 – SereneLife (Best Cheap Electronic Babysitter)

Imported like some of this list, the SLBCAM20, has a great price in relation to its qualities, which are many. SereneLife, a renowned company in the segment, brings to Brazil a very complete model, with a manual in Portuguese – before you ask! 

It has everything! Night vision, two-way audio, temperature sensor and even motion sensor, all in a modern and resistant look, with a 2-inch screen and high-resolution camera. The only thing missing was the wi-fi connection on the cell phone. 

It is also worth mentioning that it is one of the most desired models in the United States, as it is considered by users to be the best night vision babysitter on the market. And unlike cameras that function as baby monitors, this model is an baby monitor that is commonly used as a security camera. The world goes around! 

Whether this is the best model for you, we don’t know. But that the list was closed with a “golden key”, it was!  

Camera Resolution: 640x480p Scope: 300 meters
Bidirectional microphone: Yea Extra Features: Automatic Night Vision, Motion Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Integrated Music

How Electronic Nanny Works 

Baby monitors typically consist of two parts. A transmitter (camera and/or microphone), which is located in a strategic place, close to the baby, and also a receiver (monitor or cell phone), which stays with the parents or guardian. 

The transmitter has the function of monitoring the baby’s activities. And this monitoring can be done through the sounds emitted by the child, real-time videos, night vision, temperature control and even a motion sensor – or all of this at the same time – depending on the model used. 

The receiver acts on follow-up and alerts. Through the monitor that stays with the parents or guardian, it is possible to monitor the child’s movements live and receive alerts about possible unusual activities in the environment, whether via noise, movement, temperature or humidity, always depending on the model used. Some models even offer monitoring by cell phone or tablet and bilateral communication, which allows interaction with the baby through the device itself. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Babysitters 

What is baby monitor for?

To help parents take care of the baby without the need to be in the same room. It sends sounds, images and alerts of unusual activities to parents from a distance.  

An electronic babysitter allows busy parents to carry out other activities indoors while monitoring the movements and data from the baby’s room through a mobile monitor or cell phone. 

Where to put the baby monitor?

Every mom, or dad, has their own preference. But there is, yes, an ideal position. The cool thing is to take into account the three “reaches”. The range of your monitor, the range of the transmitter and, of course, the baby’s range. 

Therefore, the ideal is for the transmitter to be in a place where the baby cannot reach, where the camera and/or microphone can pick up movement and noise, and not too close to walls or partitions that could interfere with the signal. 

Until when to use the baby monitor?

It depends. The indicated use in most models is from 0 to 3 years, but at the same time, from the moment the baby starts to sleep more deeply, the baby monitor can already be retired, in the opinion of pediatricians. 

But as each case is different and each baby is a baby, this decision will be taken in accordance, mainly, with the safety of parents to let their babies sleep without close monitoring. 

Read Must:

There are parents who think that babysitting is not even necessary, and others who use it until the child talks on video. This decision is very unique, as is your baby.