Top 10 Best BBQ Knives of 2022

Looking for the Best BBQ Knife? Check out our shopping guide for the Best Barbecue Knives and understand which one is the best option for you!

Every family or group of friends has its official barbecue, the one who is responsible for the quality and flavor of our meat. And he usually does it for pleasure, because he really enjoys the art of barbecue.

But pleasure alone does not sustain. You need to be well equipped, and with the right tools. 

If whoever is reading this is the official barbecue chef himself, he certainly knows that a good knife is essential in the process. And that’s where we come in to help with your barbecue!

Before you prepare the meat, we have prepared a complete content on barbecue knives, with lots of tips, information and, of course, the presentation of the best models. Your barbecue starts here!  

1. Carnes Nobres BBQ Knife – Victorinox Best BBQ Knife SEE PRICE
2. Picanheira BBQ Knife With Grooves – Victorinox Best Picanheira Knife SEE PRICE
3. Classic Swiss Barbecue Knife – Victorinox Best Multipurpose Barbecue Knife SEE PRICE
4. Ceramic BBQ Knife – Kyocera Best Ceramic Barbecue Chef’s Knife SEE PRICE
5. Picanheira BBQ Knife – Zakharov Best BBQ Chef’s Knife SEE PRICE
6. BSF BBQ Knife – Zwilling Special Picanheira Knife With Case SEE PRICE
7. Century Barbecue Knife – Tramontina Best Barbecue Knife Value for Money SEE PRICE
8. Century Barbecue Knife Set – Tramontina Best Value BBQ Knife Set SEE PRICE
9. Gaúcha Barbecue Knife Horn Wood Bone – Gaúcha Knives Best Handmade Barbecue Knife Value for Money SEE PRICE
10. Professional Barbecue Knife – Tramontina Best Cheap BBQ Knife SEE PRICE

How to Choose the Best Barbecue Knife  

Before choosing which is the best barbecue knife for  you, you need to be aware of a few points, such as: 

  • Choose Blade Material According to Desired Performance  

Barbecue knives have three types of blades: stainless steel, ceramic and damascus steel. Know the differences. 

– Stainless steel: More resistant to rust and corrosion, knives with stainless steel blades are also the easiest to clean and the cheapest, however, among the three types, they are the ones with the least precision in cutting. 

– Ceramic: Ceramic blade knives are very easy to use, do not stain, do not rust and do not retain odors. All this with a very precise cut, but with low resistance against drops, cracks and chips, without the need to sharpen with a professional. 

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– Damascus Steel: Damascus steel is the best. Knives with blades produced in this material are the most complete: resistant, durable and very precise. But guess what, they are also the most expensive! The Damascus steel manufacturing process greatly influences the value of the knife, but it is worth the investment. 

  • Choose Cable Material With the Best Advantages  

Not only the blade, but the material of the handle also makes a difference in the experience of those who command the barbecue. 

– Plastic: Plastic options are cheaper, in addition to being easy to clean and preventing the proliferation of bacteria and fungi. But plastic handles, when wet, can be a little slippery to handle. 

– Stainless steel: Stainless steel handles can also slip when wet, but that would be the only disadvantage, as they have a high durability, are easy to clean and handle, and still have very modern and elegant designs. 

– Wood: Wooden handles are the ones that most favor handling, as they do not slip or get wet, in addition to being light and practical. But the retention of water by the wood can compromise the durability of the product and help the development of microorganisms. 

  • Choose the Size According to Precision and Meat Cut Size  

Barbecue knife sizes range from 6 to 10 inches – that is, 15 to 25 centimeters. The size of the meat to be cut, the precision and the user of the knife are points that must be considered. A knife of a size not compatible with the grill or the meat will have its performance compromised. 

The rule is clear: bigger knives for bigger meats, smaller knives for smaller meats. This contributes to both handling and cutting precision. And still thinking about handling – which is very important for cutting – smaller knives tend to fit better in female hands, while larger knives are better adapted to men, who usually have larger hands. 

  • Heat Treated Knives Stay Sharper Longer  

Some steel blade knives undergo heat treatment, a cooling and heating process that exposes the blade to extreme temperatures to bring more strength to the material. Prefer these! Barbecue knives that undergo heat treatment tend to stay sharp for much longer. 

The 10 Best Barbecue Knives of 2022  

It’s time to put on the table the names of the best barbecue knives on the market. And not just the names, the presentation will be complete, with information, features and even user reviews. Follow list!  

1. Carnes Nobres BBQ Knife

To open our list, a classic brand, one of the best and perhaps the most famous in the world, Victoriana. The Swiss brand, famous since 1884 for its luxury pocket knives and watches, also has a tradition in the knife market, and brings a model of great quality. 

The Victoriana Carnes Noble BBQ Knife has a 25cm blade in 1.4110 stainless steel and a high retention cutting edge. Its handle is made of textured polypropylene, which offers great grip even when wet. The FRIBOX handle is still ergonomic, resistant to bacteria and does not contaminate when it comes into contact with food. 

In evaluations, countries change, but praise does not. First for the trust the brand brings, of course. But strength, cutting power, durability and style were also highly praised. Some called it the “best knife ever”, and everyone who complained about the price said it was still worth it. It’s not the cheapest at all! 

Blade Material: Stainless steel Cable Material: Plastic
It has heat treatment: No Go to the Dishwasher: Yea

2. Picanheira BBQ Knife With Grooves

This other model from Victorinox is very similar to the previous one, but only in the materials, as this knife is oriented to picanhas and has a groove system. Knives with grooves are adapted for precise cuts, because during the cut, small air pockets form in the grooves of the blade preventing the meat from sticking to the knife. The blade passes freely and absolutely through the entire picanha, it’s even a pleasure to see. Imagine eating.

As mentioned, the materials are similar, the blade is also high carbon stainless steel, curved, 25cm, and the handle is also textured polypropylene, ergonomic and resistant to bacteria and fungi. 

Users who left reviews brought in short, comforting definitions. Things like “immaculate yarn”, “excellent” and “very good”, always accompanied by the famous five stars. It looks like an amazing knife indeed. But it is worth remembering that the price accompanies all this quality. If the first one wasn’t cheap, this one is even less so, with grooves and all specific! Professionals freak out! 

Blade Material: Stainless steel Cable Material: Plastic
It has heat treatment: No Go to the Dishwasher: Yea

3. Classic Swiss Barbecue Knife

The third and final Victorinox model on our list is also similar to the others. But this is a true “chef’s knife”, the main and most important type of knife, as you will see later in this article. A chef’s knife is the barbecue chef’s main tool. It is not only suitable for precise cuts or large meats, it is also designed for mincing, slicing, dicing, slicing vegetables and much more. The chef’s knife is a “multipurpose” knife, and it needs to be of good quality. 

So let’s go. Quality multipurpose knife? Victorinox. This barbecue knife of the moment has a laser-tested 25.4cm sharp blade and comes with additional weight, which helps with certain types of cutting or more demanding tasks. The handle is standard Victorinox, ergonomic, antibacterial and made of textured polypropylene, to give more grip and, consequently, more safety in handling. 

In the reviews, no news, more people from all over the world praising the brand and the quality of the cut, which seems to last for years. So let’s take the opportunity to give an important message about Victorinox: even though all models can, technically, be taken to the dishwasher, the brand recommends that, if possible, the knives are washed by hand. 

Blade Material: Stainless steel Cable Material: Plastic
It has heat treatment: No Go to the Dishwasher: Yea

4. Ceramic BBQ Knife – Kyocera

Here we have another giant multinational, Kyocera, which operates in the ceramics market. In addition to electronic components and photovoltaic cells, Kyocera also produces knives, and with great quality. 

The design is ergonomic, which facilitates the handling and the cutting process. The handle is made of polypropylene and the differential is on the Zirconia ceramic blade, which remains sharp for about ten times longer than metal blades, in addition to not offering any type of risk due to oxidation in the food.  

This knife is also suitable for other functions such as chopping, slicing and etc. The only contraindication is in the use of frozen foods. Kyocera is another one that has users around the world, and most seem to be quite satisfied with this product. 

Blade Material: ceramics Cable Material: Plastic
It has heat treatment: No Go to the Dishwasher: Uninformed

5. Picanheira Barbecue Knife

Zakharov is a family business, with Ukrainian tradition, which has been operating in Brazil for over 50 years. These are durable, resistant and very precise handcrafted knives. The legendary symbol of the brand is inspired by knowledge inherited from ancestors. 

The story is interesting, but what about the knife? The knife is beautiful! It is almost a decorative item for the house. But it doesn’t stop there, the knife also delivers a lot of efficiency. The 20cm blade is made of stainless chromo steel and the handle is made of treated wood – certified by law. But this knife still has another particularity, a guard, the safety piece located between the blade and the handle, produced in brass, which adds a lot of style. 

The few reviews seem well satisfied, and it is worth bringing a differential, at least, interesting. It seems that it is possible, for an additional price, to engrave a small phrase or name on the blade. Which could end up being a great gift idea. A custom barbecue knife. And it comes in a really nice case! 

Blade Material: Stainless steel Cable Material: wood
It has heat treatment: No Go to the Dishwasher: No

6. Shun Cutlery Classic 4-Piece BBQ Set

This model is more of a picanha knife type, although it is also considered a chef’s knife – you will notice that they are very similar “multipurpose” functions. The manufacturer is Zwilling, another multinational on the list, this time from Germany, with a tradition of being one of the largest and oldest kitchen knife companies in the world. 

And BSF Daytona is all about being simple and efficient. Indicated for all types of cuts, it has a 20 cm stainless steel blade, synthetic and ergonomic handle, 3 rivet finish and comes in a personalized box. 

In the reviews, praise for the cost-benefit ratio, as it is the popular Zwilling line, which improves the price, but does not influence the quality. For beginners in the world of barbecue knives, it is a great option. 

Blade Material: Stainless steel Cable Material: Plastic
It has heat treatment: No Go to the Dishwasher: Uninformed

7. Century Barbecue Knife

Tramontina practically needs no introduction in Brazil, the brand from Rio Grande do Sul is already well known by Brazilians in its more than 100 years of history. And the model of the moment, to open Tramontina’s participation in the list, is the Century, which comes to bring quality, practicality and style, at a very affordable cost. 

With a 20cm stainless steel blade and ergonomic polypropylene handle, this knife is suitable for different types of cuts. But we saved the best for last: heat treatment. Tramotina’s Century is heat treated, which guarantees a very sharp blade for much longer. Another great knife for beginners. 

In the reviews made by users, many praise for the semi-professional Century, praise for absolutely everything that was said in her description. Which, without a doubt, puts her in the fight to be considered the best barbecue knife in Tramontina. And in the fight to be yours, too.  

Blade Material: Stainless steel Cable Material: Plastic
It has heat treatment: Yea Go to the Dishwasher: Yea

8. Century Barbecue Knives Game

We continue with Tramontina, but now to present not only a knife, but the best barbecue knife set  in terms of value for money. There are three knives, all with a special stainless steel blade with heat treatment and a fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene handle, which contribute to the durability and safety of the product.  

The kit contains a 7.5cm vegetable knife, a 15cm kitchen knife and a 20cm chef’s barbecue knife. Whoever bought it, loved it. In addition to the very attractive price for a set, the quality is excellent, as you can see in the comments. Worth the attention! 

Blade Material: Stainless steel Cable Material: Plastic
It has heat treatment: Yea Go to the Dishwasher: Yea

9. Gaúcha Barbecue Knife Horn Madeira Osso

Another Brazilian brand and also from Rio Grande do Sul, Gaúcha, brings us back to the world of handmade barbecue knives. Most interesting is the handle, which is made of wood, brass, bone and horn. That’s right, horn. It’s very stylish. This model is for the real traditional barbecue chef, or anyone who wants to be. 

But it’s not just style either, its 24cm blade is made of stainless steel and has heat treatment, which guarantees the precision of the cutting edge for much longer. In the reviews made by users, praise for the beauty, of course, but also for the durability and precision of the cut. 

Blade Material: Stainless steel Cable Material: Wood, bone and horn
It has heat treatment: Yea Go to the Dishwasher: Uninformed

10. Professional Barbecue Knife

And to close the list, another model from Tramontina, a model that, for some, is the best barbecue knife in Brazil, due to its size, price, quality and durability. The 30cm stainless steel blade with heat treatment guarantees an impeccable cutting edge and high resistance. 

The polypropylene handle, injected directly into the blade structure, has antimicrobial technology, which prevents the proliferation of fungi and bacteria. In the few reviews, praise was given to the cost-effectiveness and durability of the cutting precision. Worth your attention for the biggest and one of the cheapest BBQ knives on our list. 

Blade Material: Stainless steel Cable Material: Plastic
It has heat treatment: Yea Go to the Dishwasher: Yea

Types of BBQ Knives  

Not only about the best models, it is also interesting to learn about the types of barbecue knife. There are five main ones, and we’ll quickly explain them to you: 

  • Chef’s Knife : With that name, it couldn’t be different. This is the barbecue chef’s greatest partner. Usually among the largest, it works as the main one and can even work alone during the entire barbecue. Cuts large, small, vegetable pieces, prepares side dishes, and helps with many other features. 
  • Boning Knife : It’s another one that the name already gives away. But unlike the first, it has a very specific function: deboning. No other knife will do a deboning job as well as the deboning knife itself. It’s not the biggest and can also be used to cut meat into cubes. For those who have a barbecue kit, it is an essential item. 
  • Fillet Knife : The focus of this type of knife is the slice. Fillet knives have a long blade and a rounded tip, but the most important are the small grooves that facilitate the passage of air during the cut, favoring handling and better control of the thickness. For those who appreciate that thin slice, “type A4”, it is worth bringing this item to the barbecue kit team, too. 
  • Picanheira Knife : Similar to the chef’s knife, it is a type of knife with a powerful and wide cut. A large knife, perfectly adapted for cutting picanha, but which can also be used on any type of meat, as well as for other “gourmetizations” of a good barbecue. 
  • Cleaver : For the task of breaking bones, no other knife can be used. It would be a real “crime” against the edge of the blade of a cutting knife. That’s what the cleaver knife is for. Also essential in the barbecue kit, it is not exactly a cutting knife, this knife has a rectangular shape and a more resistant blade, which facilitates its bone-breaking action. 

How to Sharpen a Barbecue Knife 

Maintenance time! We believe that most readers here already know how to do this. But let’s bring a small step by step that can help a lot for beginners and helpers:

  1. Preparing the ground:  place the sharpening stone (preferably a double-sided one) in a container of water and set aside for 10 minutes. Leave a sharpening sharpener nearby too – sharpening is a tool that helps to fix the cutting edge, which we will see in the last steps. 
  2. Choosing the work surface:  prefer flat benches, well fixed and not wobbly. Another tip here is to put a cloth over where you are going to work, it helps not to get wet (due to the wet stone) and not to slip during the movement. 
  3. Sharpening:  place the stone on the cloth, tilt the knife at an angle close to 45º (half a right angle, half a corner) and pass the stone. The correct direction is from the end to the end, and the movement is smooth, with calm and patience. The thin side of the stone is for new knives, while the thicker side is for well-worn knives. 
  4. Fixing the cutting edge:  after the process with the stone, it is enough to repeat it with the sharpener, which must be positioned diagonally. The direction must also be maintained, from cable to tip. 
  5. Testing:  Finally, the last step is to test the barbecue knife, but not directly on the cutting board. First run the knife gently over a sheet of paper, if the paper cuts easily, your knife has been sharpened and is ready to use. The sixth step is to invite the Gaia Esparto team to the barbecue.  

BBQ Knives FAQ

What is the best type of BBQ knife?

Depends, what are we going to eat? The best type of knife is the one that best suits what goes on the grill. If the meat has a lot of bones, the best will be the boning knife or meat cleaver. If the focus is filleting, the filleting knife will be a key part of the barbecue. If the main piece is the picanha, a picanha knife will give a lot of quality to the cut.  

If there is still no definition of what is going to be baked, the best knife in general is the chef’s knife, because it is better for doing the other functions. But the ideal thing is to have the kit right away, to always be prepared for the gourmetization of the time.

What is the best BBQ knife size?

It will also depend on what goes into the grill, and the functions that the barbecue or grill will perform. For deboning, it cannot be a large knife, for picanha it cannot be a small knife. Chef’s knives and picanheiras need to be large, filleting knives too, but lengthwise. Boning knives and meat cleaver are smaller.  

Another important point is who is handling the knife. Good handling is essential for barbecue, and a knife that is too big or too small for the hand of the person preparing it can get in the way. So it’s good to remember that men and women typically use different sizes of knives.